Friday, December 31, 2010

Additional DOT Rules Pending

Yesterday I looked at the additional DHS rules under development that could be of interest to the chemical security community. Today I would like to look at a similar list of rules that are being developed by the Department of Transportation. For the most part these rules are not directly security rules, but they may still be of interest to our community because they deal with the handling and shipping of hazardous materials. Few of these rules will be covered in any detail in this blog.

DISCLOSURE NOTE: Most of my writing done on hazardous materials transportation issues is done for the Journal of Hazmat Transportation. Since I am being paid for those articles I have to be careful about the duplication of writing efforts here.

Proposed Rules

The regulations in the ‘proposed rule’ stage have either had an advance notice of proposed rule making (ANPRM) published or have a notice of proposed rule making (NPRM) being written or reviewed. The next action to be expected would be the publication of an NPRM.

The following is a list of regulations in the proposed rule stage at DOT:

2130-AC11 (FRA) Risk Reduction Program

2137-AE58 Hazardous Materials: Adoption of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section XII and the National Board Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Code

2137-AE66 Pipeline Safety: Safety of On-Shore Liquid Hazardous Pipelines

2137-AE36 Pipeline Safety: Completing Regulation of Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Operating at Low Stress

2137-AE37 Hazardous Materials: Bulk Loading and Unloading Operations

2137-AE52 Hazardous Materials: Combustible Liquids

2137-AE53 Hazardous Materials: Safety Requirements for External Product Piping on Cargo Tanks Transporting Flammable Liquids (Wetlines)

2137-AE55 Hazardous Materials: Incorporation of Certain Rail Special Permits Into the Hazardous Materials Regulations

2137-AE59 Pipeline Safety: Miscellaneous Amendments to the Pipeline Safety Regulations

2137-AE65 Hazardous Materials: Limiting the Use of Mobile Telephones by Highway
Final Rules

The regulations in the ‘final rule’ stage have had an NPRM published and the public comment period is closed. DOT is reviewing those comments and making the appropriate adjustments to the rule. The next action to be expected would be the publication of a final rule.

The following is a list of regulations in the final rule stage at DOT:

2105-AD59 Protection of Sensitive Security Information

2130-AC14 Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

2137-AE06 Hazardous Materials: Requirements for Storage of Explosives During Transportation

2137-AE13 Hazardous Materials: Enforcement Regulations

2137-AE32 Hazardous Materials: Combination Packages Containing Liquids Intended for Transport by Aircraft

2137-AE33 Pipeline Safety: Updates to Pipeline and Liquefied Natural Gas Reporting Requirements

2137-AE45 Hazardous Materials: International Harmonization

2137-AE56 Hazardous Materials: Incorporation of Certain Cargo Tank Special Permits Into the HMR

2137-AE57 Hazardous Materials: Revision of Special Permits Procedures

2137-AE63 Hazardous Materials: Limiting the Use of Electronic Devices by Highway
Long Term Actions

‘Long Term Actions’ are those rules that DOT is considering developing. Some of these are congressionally mandated rule makings that are going to require a great deal of time to complete for technical or political reasons. Others are existing ‘interim final regulations’ that need to be made permanent. Others still are items that DHS has internally identified as areas potentially requiring regulatory action. Items on this list may never be introduced into the regulatory process.

The following is a list of regulations (only one in the DOT Unified Agenda) in the long term action stage at DOT:

2137-AE46 Hazardous Materials: Miscellaneous Amendments

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