Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reader Comment – 12-16-09 Redact II

Funny thing about the blogging business you never can tell what is going to bring out the most reader response. Yesterday r.e.z.o.k. posted a comment to the reader comment blog posting about redaction. R.e.z.o.k. pointed us to the web site for a commercial redaction program called RapidRedact, writing that “The most effective way to redact documents is by using redaction software that works.” I am certainly not technically qualified to evaluate redaction software, but the claims on the web site do look impressive. I was disappointed not to see any endorsements of the software by some recognized security organization; neither the Consumer Product Safety Commission nor the base purchasing manager at an Air Force base count. I would be really impressed if the NSA or the CIA endorsed the product (probably unlikely), but the endorsement by any nationally or internationally recognized security organization with some recognized software expertise would go a long way in establishing the bonafides of this product.

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