Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CIKR Learning Series Web Page Update 12-16-09

Yesterday DHS updated their Critical Infrastructure Key Resource Learning Series web page. They added information about the first webinar of the winter quarter and announced the subjects of the next two planned webinars. These webinars are designed to inform the public about key components of the protection of CIKR under the National Infrastructure Protection Program (NIPP). The announced webinar will be “Critical Infrastructure Resiliency: The Next Frontier in Homeland Security”. The presenter will be Rand Beers, Under Secretary for National Protection and Programs Directorate. The webinar will be held on December 21st at 4:15 pm EST. Registration is now open. January’s webinar will be Infrastructure Protection for the 21st Century: Making effective use of visualization technology. The webinar in February will certainly be of interest to the chemical security community; it will be Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards: An Update. There are no details about the CFAT program currently provided on the web page, but we do expect some changes in the program in the near future that would probably be covered in this webinar. We are looking for a Corporate Reporting Tool in CSAT, a new CSAT tool for changing currently submitted reports (Top Screen, SVA, and SSP) rather than having to completely re-type them for minor changes, and we expect to see the Personnel Surety Tool introduced into the CSAT program. As I get more details I’ll be sure to share them with the readers of this blog.

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