Friday, December 11, 2009

Re-Thinking Cyber Security Forum February 2010

I got an interesting email today from Ted Harwood at Arc Advisory Group. He wanted to point me at the ‘Re-Thinking Cyber Security’ program that Arc was going to be having at their 14th Annual World Industry Forum next February in Orlando. While the agenda is not yet complete, the presentations that they currently list on the program web page looks to be a series of very high-level presentations about a variety of aspects of control system security.

This is a three-day management-level program and it costs accordingly ($1,595 by 12-31-09), so I probably wouldn’t recommend attendance at anything below the facility or corporate security or cyber-security manager level. It does look like a worthwhile program for that level of attendee. And, of course, it is Orlando in February.

The list of speakers has not yet been completely finalized, but it does include names familiar to the control system security community (Eric Cosman for example). There is a DHS representative on the list (Seán McGurk, Director Control Systems Security Program, National Cyber Security Division, Department of Homeland Security), but I don’t see anyone from the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division of DHS. This looks like it would a good forum for a presentation on CFATS and Cyber Security.


Anonymous said...

Do you have a good POC number for Ted? I would like to know if they have any thoughts on the CIP threat coverage on Cyber Security.

Joey Hernandez CISSP

Anonymous said...

Do you have a good POC number for Ted? I wanted to see if they are going to cover cyber attack on CIP at the conference?

Joey Hernandez CISSP
jhernandez@ (above url)

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