Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RBPS Metrics

It’s a slow season for chemical security bloggers, Congress is focused on other matters and DHS is still working on their next release. So I guess it is as good a time as any to share some blogger secrets. Today we’ll look at how professional bloggers use tools supplied by Google to keep track of what is important to their readers. Every day after I make my first blog post I go to Google Analytics to look at their profile of my readers. They tell me what cities and states provide the majority of my readers. They tell me what pages (old postings) are the most popular. They tell me what web sites refer readers to my site. And most interestingly, they tell me the most popular search terms that bring people to my site. The search terms are not too surprising most days. They are usually things like “CFATS”, “Chemical Facility Security”, or topical subjects like “HR 2868”. This last weekend, however, a new term jumped up to the top five list of search terms bringing readers to the site; “RBPS Metrics”. Looking at the details, there have been 32 visits to the site since November 30th guided by that term after a long absence from the list. Now Google can provide the data, but it is up to the blogger to provide the context; explain why the surge in interest in ‘RBPS Metrics”. And, actually that isn’t too difficult. The simplest explanation would be that a new batch of notification letters have gone out telling facilities that they have been designated a ‘high-risk’ facility and been given their due dates for their SSP. Consolidated RBPS Blogs So, a good blogger gives the readers what they want, information. I suppose that I could write about the Risk-Based Performance Standards Guidance document, but I have done so extensively. Instead, it makes more sense to provide a list of those posts that I have already written on the topic as a one-stop shop for the information. RBPS Guidance – Getting Started RBPS Guidance – RBPS #1 Restrict Area Perimeter RBPS Guidance – RBPS #2 Secure Site Assets RBPS Guidance – RBPS #3 Screen and Control Access RBPS Guidance – RBPS #4 Deter, Detect and Delay RBPS Guidance – RBPS #5 Shipping Receipt and Storage RBPS Guidance – RBPS #6 Theft or Diversion RBPS Guidance – RBPS #7 Sabotage Actually, that is where I stopped, not quite half way through the list of RBPS. The reason I quit, quite frankly, was that no one appeared to be paying attention. No comments or questions about the RBPS postings were submitted to the blog. There were no emails challenging my assertions or asking for additional details. Besides, Congress was getting interesting with bunches of new legislation to look at, and there were plenty of other things to write about. Maybe it is time to go back and finish the list….

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