Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reader Comment – 12-21-09 – POC Info

Yesterday a reader, Joey Hernandez, posted a response (actually two nearly identical responses) to an earlier blog about an upcoming cyber security forum. He was asking for point of contact (POC) information about a reader mentioned in the article. Since Joey provided his POC in his posting I made sure that I contacted him to verify that he wanted the comment posted on the blog. I wanted to ensure that it wasn’t just a note to me.

I have always made it a point to be careful in giving out contact information about people in general. Many people don’t want to be contacted by a wide variety of strangers. So I generally treat contact info as confidential information.

I have the POC information that Joey was looking for, but once again, I didn’t give it out. I told him that I would contact the person in question, forwarding Joey’s contact request. What happens next is up to the person in question. In this case I’m fairly sure that communication will be established between these two individuals.


The reason that I mention this is that from time to time I need to make clear my personal policy on privacy. First off, I have made arrangements with Google (who hosts this blog in case you hadn’t noticed) that comments posted to the blog are moderated. This means that when you post a comment, that it does not go public until I see and approve it.

Generally I am trying to screen out blog spam and what I consider (in my sole judgment) to be offensive comments. If contact information is provided in the post, I will typically contact the provider to ensure that they want that information made public.

While I have no desire nor intention to sell such information, I have no way of stopping people from acquiring that information once it is posted to the site. Remember, once it is on the net, it is there for ever. If you don’t want me to post the comment, but just want to communicate it to me, then clearly (preferably in bold letters, the internet equivalent of a shout) indicate that the post is ‘PERSONAL’.

I would prefer that you contact me by email with personal communications, but I do understand that anonymity is very important to some people. One final note on blog comments; DO NOT, under any circumstances, post CVI information to this blog. I know that there are a number of DHS ISCD employees that routinely read this blog. I don’t want to get into a fight with DHS about CVI disclosure; that is a fight I cannot win. And I am certainly not going to get into that kind of fight with out thinking it through ahead of time.

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