Monday, July 7, 2008

Review: Security Manager's Guide to Video Surveillance

As I mentioned last week (see: "Video Surveillance Information") I found a new E-Book dealing with video surveillance tools. The Security Manager’s Guide to Video Surveillance is a free PDF document about many of the issues surrounding new video surveillance technology. John Honovich, the author, has been working the video surveillance business for a number of years and runs the web site, www.IPVideoMarket.Info.

This book is not the how-to book that one might expect from the title. Rather, it is a discussion of many of the issues that are affecting the video surveillance industry today. It is written to inform the experienced security manager about how these issues might affect the choice of video surveillance tools.

Unfortunately, many of the people responsible for security plans at many of the high-risk chemical facilities undergoing CFATS implementation today are not ‘experienced’ security managers. For those security managers this book will still be a useful tool. It is a quick read and it will provide an overview of video surveillance field.

It will not provide that new security manager the tools necessary to design and implement a video surveillance plan. It will provide a quick education that might allow that manager to intelligently discuss such a system with a security consultant or video surveillance integrator. At the very least it will provide an introduction to the terminology and provide some insight into the equipment selection process.

I would recommend that any chemical facility security manager download and read this e-book.

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