Thursday, July 31, 2008

House Passes HR 4806 and HR 6193

Some days it does not pay to post blog entries. I had just posted my blog entry about HR 4806 and then I saw the news from Chairman Thompson that it, along with HR 6193 and a bunch of other homeland security committee bills, had passed in the House of Representatives. Further checking shows that they passed yesterday by voice votes.


Chairman Thompsons press release notes that:


  • I look forward to working with the Senate to include these vital measures in a House-Senate Conference on the Department of Homeland Security Authorization this year.”

In other words he does not expect these bills to make their way through the normal committee process in the Senate before the congress adjourns for the elections. He may be whistling in the dark since there are indications that there may not be a Homeland Security Authorization Bill this year. The House Bill has not yet been sent to the GPO. I seem to remember hearing that the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee was holding up appropriations bills because of some slight he had received.


If the Congress continues to plan to not return after the elections, then there will have to be another omnibus spending bill if the government is to continue operating after October 1st. I don’t think that anyone would try to keep things running until late January on a single continuing resolution.

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