Monday, July 21, 2008

Changes to DHS Chemical Security Web Pages – 7-18-08

Last week DHS made some significant changes to two of their web pages dealing with chemical facility security and issued a revised CSAT User Registration manual. These changes are part of the continuing support of the on-going SVA process under way at 7,006 high-risk chemical facilities nationwide.


Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security


Those of you who have signed up for the page change notification process will already know that the Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security page was changed. They added a “What’s New” section at the top of the page which currently explains the SVA process in brief.


The new section includes links to:



Chemical Security Assessment Tool


The other page that was changed last week is the Chemical Security Assessment Tool. The only real change to this page was a link to an updated version of the <AHREF="FILE: chemsec_csatuserregismanual.pdf? assets xlibrary C:> 

The CSAT User Registration manual was not drastically changed. The version number changed from 2.0.a to 2.0.b. This means that changes are mainly cosmetic. The Change Log in the documents lists the following changes:


  • Updated the version number to 2.0.b
  • Updated the date to July 2008
  • Changed “Chemical Security Compliance Division” to Infrastructure Security Compliance Division” on pages 1 and 36
  • Updated project manager name to Dennis Deziel on page 1
  • Replaced two images on page 35 showing the new PRA expiration date of 5/31/2011
  • Removed the word “Top-Screen” on pages 13, 31 and 41
  • Replaced “Can I hire consultants to complete the CSAT Top-Screen for my facility?” with “Can I hire consultants to complete the CSAT requirements for my facility?” on page 19
  • Replaced “CSAT Top-Screen” with “CSAT application” on pages 3 and 41
  • Replaced “CSAT Top-Screen” with “CSAT information” and “CSAT data” on page 33


The interesting thing about the division name change is that it is not reflected elsewhere on the web site. For instance, on this CSAT page where it provides an address for the submission of an Alternative Security Plan it still uses the old division name. That is nit picking of the highest order, and I have, of course, never committed that type of editorial mistake (tongue firmly in cheek).

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