Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alternatives to CFATS for Theft/Diversion Chemicals

There was a brief note this last weekend on BiZChina-Update.com about an alternative method for controlling theft/diversion chemicals if you are dissatisfied with the complexities of the CFATS regulations. The Chinese do it the old fashioned way; paperwork.


In the lead-up to the Olympic Games, China has taken on the complex task of controlling chemicals that might be useful to terrorists. Buyers must submit copies of business licenses and personal identification cards. Sellers are also regulated:


  • “…, firms selling the chemicals must be in possession of permits and will be given the fun task of filing all information about the purchasers, such as address, transaction date, names of the chemicals purchased, quantities and the purpose of the purchase, state media reports”

Neither of these will address the theft issue. Of course, since this is one of the last ‘worker’s paradises’, they have no problems with bourgeois problems like theft. This sounds an awful lot like hand-gun control measures in various states and cities in this country; those measures have been successful in keeping hand-guns away from criminals, haven’t they?


Oh, I forgot, I shouldn’t make fun of the Chinese for their efforts. After all, Congress mandated that DHS develop the same kind of regulations for ammonium nitrate (see: “DHS and the Omnibus Spending Bill”).

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