Thursday, July 17, 2008

Call for SCADA Security Papers

With 7,009 facilities taking a new look at the cyber security questions in the CSAT Security Vulnerability Assessment (see: “SVA – Computer Systems Analysis”) SCADA Security is becoming a high visibility issue at high-risk chemical facilities. This means that a recent Call for Papers about SCADA Security by IDC Technologies comes at an opportune time.


Actually the Call for Papers includes much more than just SCADA Security. The SCADA & Industrial Automation Conference in Calgary, Alberta will be held on December 3rd and 4th of this year. It will cover a wide range of SCADA issues, but a major focus will deal with SCADA security. The security related issues will include:


  • Security and SCADA
  • Anti virus and firewall rules and configuration
  • Data Communications and Network security
  • Incident response plans
  • Intruder Detection Systems
  • Mobile & Wireless Computing security
  • Risk Management


IDC is looking for papers that provide practical responses to security related problems. According to the Call for Papers:


·           Now more than ever before, industrial enterprises and utilities rely on their control systems (SCADA, DCSs, PLCs, RTUs, and IEDs) to improve their reliability and efficiency. These new systems are proving even more vulnerable to security breaches and attacks. Today’s complex and dynamic security environment often requires difficult decisions to be made. You need to be armed with practical and competent advice in order to make the correct decisions. Tactical not theoretical solutions are the key to success here.”


Abstracts are due August 8th and full papers must be submitted by October 22nd. Contact Sarah Montgomery ( for details.

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