Friday, July 18, 2008

Reader Recommendation

I love the Internet. I write a blog about a video surveillance and bemoan the lack of introductory material (see: "Review: IP Surveillance 101"). Next thing I know, I am getting an email from the UK; from Mike, a consultant at recommending a web site.

  • "I happened to notice your blog post about the lack of any interesting sites about CCTV. 
    "Our colleague Jon has a very useful website which may be of interest -"

He’s right. The DoktorJon site does have a lot of good information about video surveillance techniques and equipment. It is a well laid out site without a lot of flash, so the pages load quickly. This is helpful since it us a web site with stand alone articles explaining the various tools and techniques.

If you are looking for information about a specific topic without a lot of product hype this is a place to go. The explanations are well written and informative. All-in-all this is certainly a site that I would recommend to any security manager dealing with a video surveillance consultant.

This site is not, however, an introductory text on video surveillance. The individual articles could certainly be put together (with some transitional information) to form the backbone of such a text. In my opinion, Jon could do the video surveillance industry a huge favor and produce an e-book on the topic. It is obvious that he has both the technical and the writing skills to provide the reference text that would be very useful to security managers.

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