Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Chemical Facility Security Blog

I found a new blog yesterday that deals with chemical facility security. Appropriately named, CFATS Security has just been started. As of yesterday the home page was still under development.

Interestingly, I was the first contributor to the blog. It came as a surprise to me, but the first entry was an article ("House Holds First Hearing on New Chemical Facility Security Regulations") that I wrote and posted to a couple of article directories last year. Such directories allow anyone to use the posted articles as long as they include the provided attribution data. CFATSSecurity used that resource and provided the appropriate attribution. I certainly enjoyed seeing one of my articles leading the introduction of a chemical facility security blog.

The second post to the blog, "Perimeter Security Planning for Chemical Facilities" was a rather lengthy post by Howard White. He works for a security company that integrates ‘outdoor perimeter security and access control measures’. The 2000 word blog is a primer on perimeter control measures. The only significant security measure that he did not mention is the use of dog runs inside the perimeter fence; that was probably not even an oversight, but a calculated omission.

Exploring such a long perimeter in only 2,000 words means that only the highlights were covered. I hope we can see some follow-up entries with more details. While I have addressed perimeter security a couple of times (see: "Restricted areas at chemical facilities: The outer perimeter") I would like to see more detailed information from someone that has more formal training in the area.

In any case, I welcome CFATS Security to the blogosphere.

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