Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Short Takes – 5-24-23

Protecting Our Water Systems In The Age Of Cyber Threats. opinion piece. Pull quote: “The AWWA recommended that a new entity, the Water Risk and Resilience Organization (WRRO), be created to serve and represent the perspectives of water utilities. Congress would explicitly approve the creation of the WRRO and the extension of cybersecurity oversight to the EPA. In collaboration with the EPA, this organization would draft cybersecurity standards, which the EPA would either approve or reject. If the EPA rejects a standard, they would provide specific recommendations for resubmission. The WRRO and EPA would share responsibilities for compliance auditing and enforcement.” NERC for Water?

Winds of change: New wind energy tech developed by European startups. article. Pull quote: “Novel technologies that could make wind energy more accessible, or enable the construction of huge three-bladed turbines, are emerging from a raft of new European startups. Their innovations hint at a future where electricity generation from wind is much more eclectic than it has been up till now.”

Chicago mpox outbreak raises alarm over summer spread. article. Pull quote: “During the early parts of the mpox outbreak, many health departments’ supplies of Jynneos were stretched thin, with some resorting to administering all the doses they had on hand before knowing when they would have enough supplies to provide the second dose.”

Foreign exports, not domestic demand, to drive controversial gas expansion, agency finds. article. Pull quote: “Anne Rolfes, director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a group opposed to the LNG expansion, told The Hill the EIA’s projections may “underestimate how gas prices might spike because they don’t take two important factors into consideration: storms and the spot market.””

White House believes massive Dem bailout may be needed to pass debt ceiling compromise. article. Pull quote: “The speaker has operated by the so-called Hastert rule, which says that only legislation with support from the majority will see the floor. With Republicans owning 222 votes, that means he can afford to lose 110 members.”

Notice of President's National Infrastructure Advisory Council Meeting. Federal Register DHS meeting notice. Agenda: “(1) a period for public comment; (2) a keynote address on critical infrastructure security and resilience; (3) a report to the Council from the Water Security Subcommittee; (4) deliberation and vote on Water Security Study recommendations; and (5) an update on the Electrification Study.”

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