Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Short Takes – 5-17-23

Science explains why shouting into the wind seems futile. article. Pull quote: “Sending a sound upwind, against the flow of air, makes the sound louder due to an acoustical effect called convective amplification. Sound sent downwind is quieter. So, if you’re yelling upwind, a listener standing in front of you should have no problem hearing you — contrary to popular belief.

DOD plans free software tools to support cyber compliance by small biz. article. Pull quote: “Mitha said the rulemaking process for the anticipated regulation is still being developed following its revision in 2021, but that his office, through its Project Spectrum education and training initiative, would be deploying free downloadable tools "in the coming months" for small contractors handling the controlled unclassified information that CMMC is intended to protect.” Interesting concept that would have application in multiple regulatory schemes.

GOP, Democrats ready blame game for debt ceiling failure. article. Pull quote: “Democrats will attempt an escape-hatch strategy on Wednesday, when they plan to introduce a procedural resolution known as a discharge petition designed to force a floor vote on a debt limit hike even if McCarthy objects.”

The 'invisible' cellulose coatings that mitigate surface transmission of pathogens. article. Pull quote: “They then tested whether the coating could inhibit surface transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Here they found a three-fold reduction of infectivity when droplets containing the virus were left on the coating for 5 minutes, and, after 10 minutes, the infectivity fell to zero.”

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