Saturday, October 8, 2022

Short Takes – 10-8-22

Drone maker used by FBI and DHS is a Chinese military company, Pentagon says. article. Pull quote: “The Beijing-backed Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies, which commonly goes by DJI, was added to a list of Chinese military companies operating in the United States by the Defense Department on Wednesday. An initial tranche of 47 Chinese companies, including global telecommunications behemoth Huawei, had been added to the Pentagon list in June 2021, and DJI was among 11 more Chinese companies added in a second tranche this week.” In 2021 DJI had 76% of drone market.

7 Kids Taken to Hospital After Hazmat Exposure at Cape Cod YMCA. article. Pull quote: “The children were exposed to muriatic acid fumes after a hazardous materials spill at the Barnstable YMCA on Iyannough Road, fire officials said. They were having trouble breathing and were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. Their conditions were not immediately clear.” Muriatic acid is dilute hydrochloric acid.

GhostSec Now Targeting Iranian ICS in Support of Hijab Protests. article. Pull quote: “What's most disturbing about this development is that two weeks ago, GhostSec compromised the web interfaces of PLCs, but now they are quickly beginning to look for new open-source tools, and are learning about different OT protocols and their capabilities. The hacktivist group appears to be highly motivated, with capabilities that are growing stronger and stronger each time.”

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