Thursday, October 13, 2022

Short Takes – 10-13-22

NHTSA Safety Research Portfolio Public Meeting: Fall 2022. Federal Register meeting notice. Pull quote: “NHTSA will hold a Public Meeting from November 1-3, 2022, as a joint effort between the Agency's Vehicle Safety Research and Behavioral Safety Research offices to share information on activities within the Agency's research programs. The meeting will be held in a virtual format with representatives from across the two research offices presenting the information in a panel format. Questions from the audience will be accepted following presentations.” Zoom meeting.

Photochemistry enables safer method for reprocessing plutonium and uranium mixtures. article. Pull quote: “‘Future work to get light into a larger scale separation process may well be able to piggyback on the work being done by the catalysis community to scale up their light-assisted reactions,’ says Arnold. ‘In the meantime, it is exciting to consider how we could use these cheap, blue LEDs to help reprocess our small and valuable stocks of rare isotopes that we need for research.’”

Automotive Security Threats Are More Critical Than Ever. article. Pull quote: “As vehicles become more connected and autonomous and a part of our everyday life, the need to secure them only grows more critical — and complex. The role of testing becomes even more critical to the success of the next generation of vehicles on the market. Better managing the cybersecurity needs of these cars starts at the beginning of the design process and continues throughout the life of the vehicle. With a committed industry, we can mitigate threats as they emerge and let everyone enjoy these truly incredible machines.”

Didn’t Realize Your New Koi Can Live to 80? Call Fish Rescue. article. Pull quote: “Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling, Mass., built a rescue pond several years ago. Adoptions have been rising ever since, said Executive Director Leigh Grady.”

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