Friday, October 28, 2022

Short Takes – 10-28-22

Governments bought Chinese telecom gear despite warnings. article. And how many private companies? Pull quote: “Chinese telecom equipment is generally less expensive than gear from non-Chinese companies, making it an appealing procurement option for cash-strapped local U.S. agencies.”

Better Regulating Drone Use Requires Communication, Not Surveillance. article. A contrarian look at counter-UAS rules. Pull quote: “In some circumstances, the government may have legitimate reasons for engaging drones that pose an actual, imminent, and narrowly defined “threat.” But what the Administration is asking for is beyond reasonable. Whatever threat private drones may pose to public safety does not require handing the government, as well as contractors and private businesses, unfettered authority to destroy, commandeer, or eavesdrop on private drones.”

Readout of Cybersecurity Executive Forum on Electric Vehicles and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Hosted by the Office of the National Cyber Director. statement. Pull quote: “All participants emphasized the need to accelerate construction and deployment of this critical [electric vehicle charging] infrastructure while ensuring that, as Americans increasingly rely on it, we are confident in its security and resilience. There was also discussion about how the Administration’s implementation of the Build America, Buy America Act could improve the supply chain security of components that all of the companies rely on.”

Updated Report Release Schedule. notice. Three more reports due this year: Kuraray EVAL, TX (5-9-18), TPC Group, TX (11-27-19), and Husky Energy Refinery, WI (4-26-18).

Shanghai district orders mass COVID-19 testing, lockdown. article. More disruptions to occur. Pull quote: “China has shown no sign of backing away from its hardline “zero-COVID” policy since a major congress of the ruling Communist Party that concluded this week by awarding authoritarian leader Xi Jinping a third five-year term in power and packed top bodies with his loyalists.”

Cyber officials prioritizing securing critical sectors, foreign partnerships amid rising threats. article. Pull quote: “Neuberger said that over the past year there’s been a “relentless focus” on securing critical sectors and helping them improve their security systems and cyber hygiene. She said the focus is on services and sectors that could bring hazard if disrupted, such as hospitals, the oil and gas industry, and companies that transport chemicals.”

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