Monday, October 31, 2022

Short Takes – 10-31-22

Dark Reading Launches New Section Dedicated to ICS/OT Security. announcement. Pull quote: “Dark Reading's new ICS/OT Security section will help cybersecurity professionals navigate the challenges and trends unique to OT security, as well as the security implications of the convergence of IT and OT networks, including the relationship between the teams that manage securing the business network and those who manage securing the industrial one.”

You’ve decided to quit Twitter. Here’s what you can use to replace it. article. Pull quote: “Even if all of Twitter agrees to relocate, there is no one exact copy or one app that will hit all the same spots. As with Facebook, ditching Twitter can mean scattering your online presence across multiple other apps. Leaving Twitter could also mean cutting things out of your online life permanently, like late-night doomscrolling or arguing with strangers online for sport. And maybe, just maybe, that’s okay.”

Seriously low diesel supply threatens to worsen inflation. article. Pull quote: ““The refinery fire in Northwest Indiana and now the … shutdown of BP’s Toledo refinery (see today’s CSB update on incident), those are refineries that produce a lot of diesel fuel because they process a lot of heavy Canadian oil, so that is not helping the situation at all,” he said.”

China launches 3rd and final space station component. article. Pull quote: “Following Mengtian's arrival, an additional uncrewed Tianzhou cargo craft is due to dock with the station next month, with another crewed mission scheduled for December, at which time crews may overlap as Tiangong has sufficient room to accommodate six astronauts.”

A GOP Showdown Over the Debt Limit Could Grip Congress and the Nation Next Year. article. One possible outcome of a GOP controlled House next session. Pull quote: “One result of a stalemate over government spending could be a government shutdown at some point in 2023, a move the GOP has used in the past to try to get its way.”

Frackers Jockey With Potash Miners for Space to Grow in Top U.S. Oil Field. article. Pull quote: “The Delaware basin is a rare location where oil companies conduct high-pressure fracking near miners working underground to extract potash and other minerals. Frackers have had the upper hand for years, pushing deeper into the nearly 500,000 acres of New Mexico’s U.S.-designated potash territory, following a 2012 order by the Interior Department that effectively enabled far more oil and gas drilling there.”

Bird flu infects Iowa egg farm with 1 million chickens. article. Pull quote: ““We have been preparing for the possibility of additional outbreaks and are working closely with USDA and producers to eradicate this disease from our state," said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig. "With migration ongoing, we continue to emphasize the need for strict biosecurity on poultry farms and around backyard flocks to help prevent and limit the spread of this destructive virus.”” No mention of potential effect on egg and chicken prices.

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