Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Short Takes – 10-25-22

Microgrid Program Strategy. Federal Register notice. Pull quote: “These deliberations led to the development of seven strategic white papers, one for each of the six strategic R&D areas identified and one additional white paper on the overarching program vision, objectives, and targets. Each white paper was developed by a team of national laboratory and university members, and then reviewed by an industry advisory panel. These seven white papers constitute the DOE Microgrid Program Strategy [link added].” Public comments due by 11-25-22.

How scientists want to make you young again. TechnologyReview.com article. Pull quote: “But all the unknowns are part of what makes the reprogramming phenomenon so attractive. Klausner admits that the details of why reprogramming works remain a “complete mystery,” but that too helps explain the sudden rush to invest in the idea. If there is a fountain of youth in the genome, the first to locate it could reinvent medicine and revolutionize how we treat the myriad of diseases that plague our old age.”

Sen. Wyden urges FTC to access classified info to combat foreign hacks. TheHill.com article. FTC cannot talk with intelligence community because no one has a clearance. Pull quote: ““Most troubling, the FTC confirmed to my office that no staff in the agency’s Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, who conduct investigations into data security and privacy cases, have even a Secret clearance, which is effectively the lowest level of federal clearance,” Wyden added.”

Natural gas ban threats spark fear for restaurants. TheHill.com article. Unintended consequences. Pull quote: “The majority of implemented policies do not immediately ban the use of natural gas in commercial buildings. Instead, they’re aimed at transitioning new constructions or renovations away from using the fuel, by mandating future structures don’t include gas hookups or infrastructure. Some laws carve out exceptions for commercial restaurants.”

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