Friday, September 9, 2022

Short Takes – 9-9-22

How ammonia could help clean up global shipping. article. Seeing more of these type articles about using ammonia as fuel. Pull quote: “But shifting an industry as large as shipping to ammonia would require a major growth in the supply of the fuel, says Amogy CEO Seonghoon Woo. The global market for ammonia production would eventually need to double or even triple to keep up with potential demand, he estimates.”

Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Safety of Modern Vehicles. Federal Register notice. Link to actual document here. Notice includes discussion about development and use of new guidance document. Pull quote: “This final version of the Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Safety of Modern Vehicles does not have the force and effect of law and is not a regulation.” Still waiting on congressional authority to regulate vehicle cybersecurity.

2022-010-Various-GPS Interference & AIS Spoofing. advisory. Pull quote: “Instances of significant GPS interference have been reported worldwide in the maritime domain. This interference can result in lost or inaccurate GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing, and communications equipment (include satellite communications equipment).”

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