Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Bills Introduced – 9-20-22

Yesterday, with both the House and Senate in Washington, there were 57 bills introduce. Two of those bills may receive additional attention in this blog:

S 4888 A bill to require the President to supplement disaster response plans to account for catastrophic incidents disabling 1 or more critical infrastructure sectors or significantly disrupting the critical functions of modern society, and for other purposes. Cornyn, John [Sen.-R-TX] 

S 4900 A bill to reauthorize the SBIR and STTR programs and pilot programs, and for other purposes. Cardin, Benjamin L. [Sen.-D-MD] 

S 4888 will almost certainly be covered.

I will be watching S 4900 for language and definitions that will specifically include continued cybersecurity support for small businesses in the scope of the bill.

A similarly described bill, S 4852, ended up being a straight forward change in the authorization status of the SBIR and STTR programs without any specific discussion about cybersecurity coverage. That bill will not receive additional coverage here.

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