Monday, September 12, 2022

Short Takes – 9-12-22

Harmonization of Transportation Safety Requirements with IAEA Standards (NRC). Federal Register notice of proposed rulemaking.

Hazardous Materials: Compatibility with the Regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (PHMSA). Federal Register notice of proposed rulemaking.

With autonomous vehicle caucus, Congress members aim to advance technology for self-driving cars. article. Pull quote: “Latta [(R,OH)] and U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Mich., formed the Congressional Autonomous Vehicle Caucus last month to inform and instruct fellow members and “hopefully get them to ride in some autonomous vehicles,” Latta told Smart Cities Dive.”

Fuzzing beyond memory corruption: Finding broader classes of vulnerabilities automatically. post. Pull quote: “Fuzzing still has a lot of unexplored potential in discovering more classes of vulnerabilities. Through our combined efforts we hope to take this effective testing method to the next level and enable more of the open source community to enjoy the benefits of fuzzing.”

Biden executive order to fund U.S. biomanufacturing industry. article. Pull quote: “The executive order allows the federal government to direct funding for the use of microbes and other biologically derived resources to make new foods, fertilizers and seeds, as well as making mining operations more efficient, administration officials said.”

A Protein Could Prevent Chemical Warfare Attack. Slightly clickbait title. article. Pull quote: “The design method presented here should enable the development of a new generation of biosensors, therapeutics and diagnostics,” Nanda said.

New National Cybersecurity Strategy: A Much-Needed Overhaul for Digital Ecosystems. article. An advanced guess about what we will see in the new NCS. Pull quote: “As reflected by these priorities [ONCD Strategic Intent Statement], the nation’s digital networks are currently unorganized and lack interoperability, which makes them much harder to defend. Adopting reactionary tactics to address vulnerabilities is not a sustainable solution and expecting individual vendors to solve myriad issues is impractical.

Lawmakers Eye a Stopgap Spending Measure to Avoid a Shutdown Through Mid-December. article. Pull quote: “Negotiations appear to have settled on a CR that would fund agencies through approximately Dec. 16, but lawmakers have yet to determine exactly which provisions will be added to it.”

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