Monday, September 5, 2022

Short Takes – 9-5-22

Storm Possible Cause of Chemical Facility Blaze. article. Too early in the investigation to be sure, but lightning strike may be the cause of fire at chemical waste transfer station. Pull quote: “The facility contained a large number of highly flammable chemicals which had ignited as a result of the blaze. Crews from Rugeley, Burton, Stafford, Stone, Cannock and Hanley were sent to the scene alongside colleagues from Staffordshire Police and immediately began to evacuate residential homes on Haling Way and surrounding areas.” See September’s Process Safety Bulletin that I previously pointed out.

A Laboratory Accident of Acryloyl Chloride, Its Consequences, Treatment, and Safety Measures: An Arduous Lesson to All Researchers. article. Caught my eye as a nasty incident with an unusual lab chemical. Turns out, it is also used in the manufacture of acrylic monomers (still only used in small (industrial small) amounts. Points out the importance of medical response having knowledge of the chemicals involved in an incident.

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