Saturday, September 3, 2022

Short Takes – 9-3-22

Process Safety Beacon: Lightning Strikes – YIKES!! safety bulletin. Pull quote: “• Lightning is unpredictable and can damage even grounded equipment. If you are doing a transfer and a storm comes, stop the transfer, and leave the area until you are given approval to safely resume operations.”

Chemical Processing Facility Fined $179,000 Over Safety Issues. article. EPA looking harder at chemical warehouses. Pull quote: “This case is part of an initiative to improve safety and compliance at chemical warehouses. Through the initiative, EPA Region 1 has brought several civil and criminal cases against chemical warehouses and published information to assist with compliance.”

Ammonia and hydrogen fuel safety challenges flagged-up. article. Look at problems with alternative fuels programs. Pull quote: “Don't be fooled when people start talking to you about hydrogen. It's a very important part of the energy change equation, but it's not simple, this is much, much more challenging than LNG.”

Pipeline Safety: Information Collection Activities: Voluntary Adoption of API RP 1173 for Gas Distribution Systems. Federal Register 60-day ICR Notice. For one time ICR to collect information on gas distributions systems that have voluntarily adopted API RP 1173 for Gas Distribution Systems. Needed for report to Congress and possible regulation development (2137-AF53).

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