Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Short Takes – 9-6-22

A memory prosthesis could restore memory in people with damaged brains. TechnologyReview.com article. Early in device/process development. Hope they look hard at cybersecurity protections.

The Hunt for Big Hail. NYTimes.com article. Bigger hail stones? Is this another problem that companies have consider in tornado country? Pull quote: “Dr. Kumjian and Dr. Brimelow have been creating a database of the largest hailstones recorded around the world. The two believe they have determined the maximum possible size of hail: just over three pounds and around a foot in diameter.”

Department of energy substation transformer explosion in Cheyenne Wyoming. YouTube.com video. Supposedly a ninja squirrel attack. Pull quote: “Apparantly a squirrel caused this to happen according to the goverment folks, they took a real interest in this video when they found out it was”. Cyber attacks on the grid are not the only worry.

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