Saturday, October 5, 2019

Public ICS Disclosures – Week of 09-28-19

This week we have one vendor disclosure from Moxa.

Moxa Advisory

Moxa published an advisory describing a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in the Moxa EDR-810 Series Secure Routers. The vulnerability was reported by Guillaume Lopes of Randorisec. Moxa has a new firmware version that mitigates the vulnerability. There is no indication that Lopez has been provided an opportunity to verify the efficacy of the fix.


This advisory was available on the Moxa CSRT web page when the NCCIC-ICS Moxa advisory for the same product (different vulnerabilities) was published earlier this week. It affects the same product versions and looks like it was mitigated with the same firmware update, and the vulnerabilities were reported by the same organization/researcher. Should the three vulnerabilities have been covered in a single advisory? Probably, but it is hard to tell from the outside.

The interesting thing here is that Moxa now has a CSRT web page where they publish their advisories. They have four advisories that were published on September 25th that would have made it onto last week’s blog post if I had known the CSRT web site existed last week.

It is nice to see an industrial IOT vendor moving forward into the responsible security realm. Let’s hope that this is the start of a trend.

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