Wednesday, October 4, 2017

HR 3855 Introduced – DOD Grid Security

Last week, Rep. Rosen (D,NV) introduced HR 3855, the Securing the Electric Grid to Protect Military Readiness Act of 2017. The bill is a companion measure to S 1800; identical bills submitted in each house of congress to allow for parallel processing in committee or a way around a committee road block in the other house.

Both Rosen and one of her three cosponsors {Rep. Stefanik, (R,NY)} are members of the House Armed Services Committee to which this bill was referred for consideration. This means that this bill could be considered in Committee. Again, as with S 1800, I do not see anything in this bill which would attract any significant opposition to its passage if it were considered. The only question is if the House or Senate leadership finds it expedient to move either of these bills forward; a question that only time will answer.

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