Monday, January 12, 2015

HR 54 Introduced – Chemical Facility Security

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Rep. Jackson-Lee (D,TX) introduced HR 54, the Frank Lautenberg Memorial Secure Chemical Facilities Act. This bill is comprehensive chemical facility security bill that is almost a direct copy of S 68 introduced by the late Sen. Lautenberg in the 113th Congress.

I’m not sure why Ms Jackson-Lee introduced this bill. It does not take into account that HR 4007 was introduced last year. It certainly has no chance of being considered in committee in a Republican controlled House, much less of being brought to the floor.

I am rather surprised that this bill was not re-written as a revision of the Title XXI that was put into place by HR 4007 last year. There are a number of provisions in this bill that have been and will remain priorities of many Democrats and some of their most important constituents.

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