Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bills Introduced – 1-6-15

Yesterday marked the opening day of the 114th Congress. Along with the mandatory organizational business a large number of bills were introduced; 26 in the Senate and 160 in the House. Those that may be of specific interest to readers of this blog include:

HR 26 - To extend the termination date of the Terrorism Insurance Program established under the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002, and for other purposes. Rep. Neugebauer, Randy [R-TX-19]

HR 48 - To require a review of the completeness of the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) maintained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the derivative terrorist watchlist utilized by the.. Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]

HR 53 - To codify an office within the Department of Homeland Security with the mission of strengthening the capacity of the agency to attract and retain highly trained computer and information security... Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]

HR 54 - To enhance the security of chemical facilities and for other purposes. Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]

HR 60 - To require the Director of National Intelligence to conduct a study on the feasibility of establishing a Cyber Defense National Guard. Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]

HR 85 - To codify the objective of Presidential Policy Directive 21 to improve critical infrastructure security and resilience, and for other purposes. Rep. Jackson Lee, Sheila [D-TX-18]

HR 104 - To protect cyber privacy, and for other purposes. Rep. Conyers, John, Jr. [D-MI-13]

As is the case with many introduced bills many of these will never be mentioned again. HR 26 will not be one of those as that has already been debated today on the floor of the House and will probably be voted upon (and passed) this evening.

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