Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Witness List Announced for HR 4007 Hearing

Yesterday the House Homeland Security Committee web site published the witness list for the Subcommittee legislative hearing of HR 4007, the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Authorization and Accountability Act of 2014. The witnesses include:

• Ms. Durkovich, Assistant Secretary Infrastructure Protection;
• Mr. Stephen L. Caldwell, Director, Homeland Security and Justice, GAO;
• Ms. Marcia Hodges, Chief Inspector, DHS OIG;
• Mr. Clyde Miller, American Chemistry Council;
• Ms. Kate Hampford Donahue, Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA)
• Ms. Anna Fendley, United Steelworkers

The substitution of Ms. Durkovich for ISCD Director Wulf is unexpected, though he might be sitting at the table with her. She is his boss and would give a little more political weight to the DHS support of the CFATS program.

Mr. Caldwell’s appearance is not unexpected. It does mean that we have another GAO update on the status of the CFATS program. That may provide some interesting insights into how things are improving.

Ms. Fendley has the unenviable responsibility of representing the activist community before this Republican lead panel. She will be advocating that the proposed revisions to the CFATS authorization don’t go far enough in advocating for worker participation or inherently safer technology. She will be politely ignored by the Republicans and offered token questions from the Democrats.

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