Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reader Comment – AWWA Guide Available to Non-members

Kevin Morley, the Security & Preparedness Program Manager for the American Water Works Association, left a nice comment on my post from last week about their control system security guide. He noted that:

“Access to the AWWA guidance and use-case tool do not require membership in AWWA. These resources are freely available to everyone. Access does require creation of a user account, which simply confirms that the user accepts the terms of use.”

This is certainly good news for water systems that are not members of the AWWA. It also means that folks with control systems in other types of critical infrastructure have a tool that can be used to look at their control system security.

There will be very few things in the AWWA tool that are not applicable to other organizations. It might not look at all aspects of control system security for other types of industries, but lacking this kind of detailed guide from anyone else, it would certainly be a good start.

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