Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cybersecurity Legislation in 113th Congress

Here on the last day of 2013 it is appropriate to look back at the cybersecurity accomplishments of the 113th Congress. The table below shows all of the cybersecurity bills that were introduced this year. The links to the bills and dates refer to my blog posts. While the House has passed a number of bills the Senate has only passed two; both were spending related bills that contained some cybersecurity measures.

Passed in House
Passed in Senate

Ed Grants

CISPA - Info Sharing

R&D Spending
FY 2013 CR

R&D Cyber-Physical Systems
HR 1163

FISMA Amendments


Cyber Warrior Act – S 658

FY 2014 NDA

Cyber Espionage – S 1111

FY 2014 DOD Spending

Aaron’s Law – S 1196

Trade Secrets Protection

Centers of Excellence

FY 2014 DOT Spending

FY 2014 DOC Spending

Includes CI Control Systems

Boots on the Ground Act

FDA Software
FY 2014 NDA


Place Holder

Cyber Warrior Act – HR 1640
S 1034

FY 2014 DOD Spending

Cyber Espionage – HR 2281

Aaron’s Law – HR 2454

FY 2014 NDA

FY 2014 DOC Spending

Cybersecurity Act

FY 2014 DOD Spending

Public Awareness

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