Sunday, December 15, 2013

Short Takes – 12-15-13

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‏@jadamcrain @pjcoyle @SCADAhacker @ICSCERT Certainly didn't seem discontinued when I downloaded the trial software off their website this summer ;)

@pjcoyle @PatrickCMiller Nice write up nothing about security though.

@pjcoyle Ominious search at my blog site - "Fake DHS Inspector at BASF" - Anyone hear anything?

@pjcoyle @PatrickCMiller And not a cyber in the bunch....

@pjcoyle Former Graniteville millworkers still needed for lung testing | The Augusta Chronicle …

Cybersecurity Information

There were two interesting documents submitted as part of the comments posted to the NIST Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework web site this last week. I noted them in passing in my blog post yesterday but they deserve a little more complete mention. Unfortunately I don’t I have time for a complete review, so here are their links; they look interesting.

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