Friday, December 20, 2013

Senate Sends NDA to President

Yesterday the Senate agreed to the House amendment to HR 3304, the National Defense Authorization Act FY 2014, in a bipartisan vote of 84 – 15 [Link added 10:55 CST 12-20-13].

I’m a little bit late posting this, but I have been trying to wait until the Senate vote web page shows the details of this vote, but they still seem to be stuck on an earlier vote. The Government Printing Office is also having problems with publishing the version of HR 3304 that was passed in the House last week; the link to the page results in a ‘page cannot be found’ error message.

There was an afternoon attempt to derail the ‘passage without amendment plan’ of Sen. Reid (D,NV), but it was narrowly defeated by a vote of 45 – 55. Once that hurdle was cleared it was just a matter of how much speechifying needed to be done before the final vote could be held.

The bill, along with its cybersecurity provisions that I discussed earlier, now heads to the President for signature.

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