Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 07-30-13

Today the folks at ISCD updated their CFATS Knowledge Center web page. They added links to the CFATS Fact Sheets for May thru July; the April CFATS Fact Sheet link has been there since ISCD first started publishing these documents. The links can be found in the ‘Documentation’ section of the page.

According to the ‘Latest News’ announcement of this addition today ISCD notes that: “These fact sheets are also available via the DHS.gov Publications page.” Unfortunately they don’t provide a link since I cannot find it on their Fact Sheet page. Searching using the pull down “Chemical Security” provides a ‘No items matched’ response as does just searching June or July.

Actually that is of academic interest only. The most logical place to search for these is on the CFATS Knowledge Center page that is more closely controlled by the CFATS people. I really hate to tar the ISCD folks with the ugly problems of the general DHS web site.

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