Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PHMSA Safety Advisory – Improperly Filled Cylinders

The Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) published a safety advisory in today’s Federal Register (78 FR 42817-42818) concerning the improper filling of compressed gas cylinders by the American Coil and Beverage Group in East Point, MI. According to the advisory, the problem was brought to PHMSA’s attention due to the catastrophic failure of a cylinder filled by that organization.

“The DOT 3A 1800 cylinder that failed was manufactured by Morcar in 1973 and had not been requalified since May, 1996. DOT 3A 1800 cylinders used in carbon dioxide service must be successfully requalified through a visual inspection and a pressure test at least once every 5 years.”

PHMSA goes on to conclude that because “North American Coil and Beverage Group did not have their cylinders requalified prior to filling them and the fact that one catastrophically failed, PHMSA questions the condition of all of the cylinders owned and filled by North American Coil and Beverage.”

PHMSA recommends that any cylinders filled by North American Coil and Beverage Group be immediately pulled from services. They also advise that anyone possessing such a cylinder should “contact a cylinder filler to have the cylinders depressurized”.

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