Thursday, January 31, 2013

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 01-31-13

This morning the folks at ISCD updated the CFATS Knowledge Center with a minor change to their response to the frequently asked question (FAQ) concerning where individuals can take Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) training. The new response reads:

“Go to the DHS Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security website ( and click on the link ‘Complete Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) Training.’”

The only difference between this wording and the original wording from the August 23, 2007 posting is that the words “at the bottom of the page” have been removed from the end of the sentence. Those words were applicable to the old ‘Chemical Security’ web page that was discontinued when DHS updated their sites last year. This is a minor change, to be sure, but one that helps avoid some confusion on the part of facility personnel looking for information.

Interestingly, while the link provided does work, the actual website URL is

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