Friday, September 7, 2012

Reader Comment – 09-07-12 – Background Check Tools

There was a very interesting comment submitted by Daniel Krantz to my earlier blog about the lack of a background check requirement for EMTs in New Jersey. Apparently Mr. Krantz works for the Real-Time Technology Group (pay special attention to the ‘-‘ in the name if you are going to Google this company). They have a number of products that deal with the vetting of personnel that he mentions in his comment (with appropriate links). I know nothing about this group, so Caveat Emptor.

Comment Moderation

This is provides a good place to review the ‘rules’ that I use to moderate comments to this group. First thing to remember is that it is my blog and I make the rules. My goal is to keep comments on topic; and the Krantz comment certainly deals with the issues that I discussed in the post. I try hard to keep out unrelated SPAM; you would be surprised at the number of comments that are nothing more than ‘Great Post’ and a link to a totally unrelated site. Finally, I WILL NOT ALLOW flame wars. If you disagree with something, fine; explain your disagreement; don’t attack the other fellow personally.

I have no problem with vendors describing their products that pertain to the topic at hand; I don’t endorse products by allowing their listing in comments. I generally don’t endorse products unless I have used them enough to really know something about them. If I do endorse something it will be plain for all to see. If you don’t like some product that you see mentioned in the blog or comments feel free to say so, but see the comment above about flame wars.

Enough about comment moderation.

Background Check Services

There are any number of organizations that provide background checks as a service. As with any service, some are great (about 5%), some are cons (about 5%), and most try to do a reasonable job at what they are doing. As with any service check them out through the Better Business Bureau® and talk with their customers.

One thing that you must remember, at present, none of these organizations can vet personnel against the Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB). Currently only government run programs have access to that screening tool. Some organizations have their own ‘terrorist databases’, but if the Feds require screening against the TSDB (CFATS, TWIC, HME etc), it has to ultimately go through TSA. You should certainly think twice about spending money on having some outside agency run checks that you will ultimately have to pay TSA to run anyway.


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