Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And Another Thing About OIP

Joel Langill made an important point last week in a TWEET about my original OIP personnel problem post. He said that these problems were “not good in light of potential exec order!” Since NPPD would presumably be the DHS agency that would be responsible for any program set forth in a cybersecurity executive order, these problems might be expected to crop up in the responsible agency. We certainly don’t want the cybersecurity jobs to be “given to those in favor with senior IP leadership without regard to process or to qualifications”.

So, Secretary Napolitano, please tell us that the DHS agency given responsibility for carrying out the President’s CSEO will be staffed by professionals that will be chosen based upon their experience and ability not on who they know. And don’t say ‘of course’, your agency does not have a real good track record.

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