Saturday, September 1, 2012

More on Bad CSSS Links

Yesterday I wrote about the updated Chemical Sector Security Summit web page (BTW: I had the wrong acronym on the title for that post, I have since corrected that error) and the bad links on that page to the presentations from last month’s Summit. I really expected that someone at DHS would read that post and have the problem corrected; as of 9:00 am EDT that still has not been accomplished.

This morning I tried to use a ‘report a bad link’ tool that was available on the silly page that one of the links did take me to, but that didn’t work either. In the process, however, I learned what was wrong with the links used. Here is the link from the CSSS web page for the first presentation listed on the page: All of the other links have the same format; a title right off of the ‘’ domain. There is no way that that link is going to work and it never came close to pointing to the correct page.

Oh well, at least this isn’t a problem that can be laid at the folks at ISCD; they don’t own the Chemical Sector Security Summit. It comes out of a separate program in the Office of Infrastructure Protection; so it is still an NPPD problem.

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