Thursday, May 31, 2012

HR 2764 – WMD Intelligence – Passes in House

Yesterday the House considered HR 2764, the WMD Intelligence and Information Sharing Act of 2011, under a suspension of the rules. The bill passed without apparent opposition by a voice vote.

The entire process took just a little over six minutes to complete; using much less than the authorized 40 minutes for debate. The ‘debate’ consisted of short speeches in favor of the bill by just three members; the Homeland Security Chairman, Rep. King (R,NY); the Ranking Member, Rep. Thompson (D,MS); and Rep. Jackson-Lee (D, TX).

If the Senate gets around to taking up this bill, and that will become less likely as we get closer to election season, it will probably pass with similar bipartisan support. There is no indication that there will be any significant attempts to amend the bill to expand its coverage beyond the bio-security concerns found in its present version.

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