Thursday, May 3, 2012

CFATS Knowledge Center Update 05-03-12

Interesting, changes have been made to the CFATS Knowledge Center twice in as many days (actually three times if you include the actual addition of the information for the ‘Latest News’ item that I mentioned in this morning’s post). The latest change is the update of two of the responses for frequently asked questions; # 103 and # 452.

Survey of Plant Capacity Utilization

The response to FAQ 452 briefly explains what the Census Bureau’s Survey of Plant Capacity which is referenced in the Top Screen questionnaire. The change made in the FAQ response is an update of the link to the Survey of Plant Capacity web site that would be used to respond to the Top Screen questions.

As with many of the FAQ responses the material is virtually the same information as found in the appropriate manual. In this case the explanation comes from page 81 of the CSAT Top Screen Users Manual. That manual still has the out-of-date Census Bureau link. I suppose that it would be way too expensive to re-print that manual just to make this correction and that is one of the reasons that the FAQ questions exist on the CFATS Knowledge Center.

DHS Public Affairs

The second FAQ, # 103 (okay it’s an earlier number but it was the second FAQ changed today) deals with the sources of information about CFATS and CSAT for media folks, including a phone number for DHS Public Affairs. In the first couple of years of CFATS I had a great deal of success dealing with various PA types associated with the CFATS program. Then they got to be less helpful and I haven’t called in well over a year now.

The interesting thing about this FAQ response is that there is not any change at all to be seen in the FAQ response. It’s almost as if someone in ISCD were trying to get some busybody media type to call about problems rather than just write about them.

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