Thursday, May 10, 2012

House Passes HR 5326 – DOC, Justice and Science Spending

Today the House finished up three days of debates and votes on HR 5326, the spending bill for Commerce, Justice, Science and related agencies. The final vote on the bill was 247-163 on a very nearly party-line vote (8 Republican defections and 23 Democrats).

A large number of amendments were considered during the first two days of the floor debate. Most took the form of adding and subtracting funding for various programs (each increase had to be offset by a corresponding decrease in some other program). Others added sections to the General Provisions title of the bill that prohibit funds being spent on a pet target of the author.

I could find nothing in any of the amendments that would have any specific effect on cybersecurity efforts so we are left with the increased funding for FBI cybersecurity efforts that I noted in an earlier blog post. I guess that we should be satisfied with that.

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