Monday, June 28, 2010

S 2996 Mark-Up?

An article over on again mentions the possibility of Sen. Collins’ (R, ME) CFATS reauthorization bill (S 2996) being marked up in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. I mentioned an earlier claim for a mark-up being scheduled for this bill and I have also discussed what I thought would be necessary to get such a mark-up successfully completed in that Committee. It is almost too late now to get this bill (or any CFATS reauthorization bill) to the floor of the Senate before the summer recess in August, especially since we have the 4th of July ‘weekend’ (a week long weekend) coming up at the end of this week. While the Collins’ bill might get out of Committee I don’t believe that it would be considered (favorably or otherwise) on the floor of the Senate. The current level of mistrust for big chemical companies is just too high because of the BP leak in the Gulf. The rest of the article is a very interesting and readable account of the Chemical Sector Security Summit being co-sponsored by SOCMA and DHS next week. If you don’t already have confirmed reservations it’s too late. But, you can read tweeted updates by following SOCMA on Twitter®.

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