Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chemical Sector Security Summit Page Update 06-28-10

Yesterday DHS updated their 2010 Chemical Sector Security Summit web page. The Summit is next Monday and Tuesday so I keep looking for last minute changes in the program. The change made yesterday is one of those changes that probably made sense to the people managing the page, but appears to be meaningless to everyone else. They re-did the ‘Contact’ section at the bottom of the page. The contact email address remains the same, but they removed the suggested reason for contacting anyone at that address. They had asked “Questions about the Summit?” and included the email address in the canned answer. Now the email address just stands alone beneath the ‘Contact’ header. They also removed the old link to the Chemical Sector-Specific Agency from the bottom of the page. That old listing was a little duplicative since the same link is provided at the top of the page. Oh well, we are still informed that more “conference details will be available soon”; so I’ll keep watching the page.

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