Monday, June 21, 2010

DHS Updates Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Webpage 06-21-01

This morning the folks at DHS the Chemical Sector CIKR webpage, adding a link to a new web page on Training and Resources. This web page can also be accessed directly from the Critical Infrastructure landing page. This new Training and Resources page provides a lot of new and updated comments about, and links to, DHS provided training support. Among the programs listed are:
· Web-Based Chemical Security Awareness Training · Chemical Sector Explosive Threat Awareness Training Program (CSETAT) · Voluntary Chemical Assessment Tool (VCAT) · Security Seminar & Exercise Series with State Chemical Industry Councils · Chemical Sector Security Summit
Additionally the page provides a listing of a number of valuable documents available from the Chemical Sector Office. These include:
· Who's Who in Department of Homeland Security Chemical Sector Security · Chemical Sector Security Awareness Guide · Chemical Facility Security: Best Practices Guide for an Active Shooter Incident · Infrastructure Protection Sector-Specific Tabletop Exercise Program (IP-SSTEP) Chemical Sector Tabletop Exercise (TTX) Materials
I’ll try to get hold of some of these guides so that I can review them and give you a better understanding of their utility.

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