Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DHS Private Sector Office Page Update 06-22-10

DHS updated the web page for their Private Sector Office. Readers of this blog will probably recognize that this office is the one that is responsible for publishing (and maintaining) the Private Sector Resources Catalog that I wrote about last month. The web page for that catalog was also updated. There were not any real new changes in information on either site; DHS just added a link to sign up for notifications when those pages change. While there have been some holes in this notification system, if you are interested in keeping updated on this catalog, it seems to me to be worth the very minor effort to get signed up for this notification. If they miss notifying you (and it has happened to me a couple of times) you aren’t out anything. If they do email you the notification, then you’ll probably get it before you read about the change in here in my blog. Of course, you could just wait for my notification. I add editorial comments and typically point out obscure bits of information of interest to the chemical security community.

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