Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Disappointing Reader Comment

An anonymous reader posted a comment disparaging DHS to a recent post about a change in the DHS web site. I have, and will continue, to publish comments with opposing view points, but I almost did not allow this posting. Not because it was complaining of DHS inaction, but because it contributed nothing to the discussion.

I know that I have a wide variety of readers on this blog. I would like to think that we are all interested in achieving the same end, protecting high-risk chemical facilities from physical attacks that could have serious repercussions on the surrounding communities. We will certainly have disagreements on how to achieve that end, but it is important that we are able to discuss those in a reasonable environment.

I have been very proud of the commentors to date who have expressed their view points in a clear, polite manner. The lack of name calling and demeaning of those with different view points has been commendable. I have had more than one reader compliment me on the open discussion on this blog and I have told each one that it is due, in large part to the political maturity of my readers.

The big problem, as I see it, with comments like those posted by Anonymous yesterday is that there is no way for DHS, their supporters or detractors to respond. There are no issues to discuss or for which solutions can be proposed. In fact, to claim that DHS has done ‘nothing’ is ludicrous on its face. We can certainly discuss the merits, or lack thereof, of what DHS has done or has specifically failed to do, but no one can honestly claim that they have done ‘nothing’.

I will continue to allow such posts as long at they are not completely self-serving (advertising) and they avoid personal attacks. This will be the last time, however, that I call attention to a comment that does not contribute to the discussion.

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