Tuesday, July 14, 2009

HR 2868 Status Update – 7-13-09

According to information available on Thomas.LOC.gov the House Homeland Security Committee has filed their report on HR 2868 (House Report 111-205), though as of 11:40 am EDT today neither it nor the marked up version of HR 2868 were available on the GPO website. There was some sketchy information another interesting development provided on the same web site; HR 2868 was also referred “sequentially to the House Committee on the Judiciary for a period ending not later than July 31, 2009 for consideration of such provisions of the bill and the amendment as fall within the jurisdiction of that committee”. At this point I’m not sure why this referral was made, but I will start watching the Judiciary Committee for action on this bill. Additionally, the House Energy and Commerce Committee was granted “an extension for further consideration ending not later than July 31, 2009”. While this appears to be similar to what happened last year with HR 5577, I won’t be so quick to complain about the delay this year; there are some higher priority items being considered by that committee. Besides, we don’t have an October electioneering deadline to worry about this year. I expect that the GPO web site will probably have a copy of the bill and the report available either late today or tomorrow on their web site.

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